Monday, July 23, 2012

Lack of contact...

I feel as though I must apologize for the lack of communication recently, as I'm sure you have heard, life has gotten in the way of hobbies. I had sever major vehicle malfunctions all almost simultaneously to the tune of some 3000 bucks or more (transmissions are bastards btw). Additionally I have been talking to a rather major company about a new job so I might be making a change here soon professionally, which should be for the better, but it's consuming a bit of my off time as I have to bone up on the product a bit.

Progress on the hobby projects still goes, just quite a bit more slowly and leaving not much time for the social aspects of it I'm afraid. Those of you with kids full time jobs and spouses I'm sure can relate. I have 4 kids so you can do the math time wise. Anyhow, things are moving, I'm paying close attention to Jelly Bean developments, and still in contact with many great developers, including mazdarider23 who's working on the cm10 port, among other projects. So sit back relax, don't fret, good things are coming.



  1. I can totally relate to how family and your own personal time have to take a priority. Take care of the family and hopefully that new job works out and all your fans will still be here.

  2. I have 6 girls. I feel ur pain bro. Lol