Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The first of the RC5's

So some of you may have looked into the testbuild yesterday, it was a precursor to the RC5's being pushed out. We are getting super close to a 15 final so, you might also notice a couple cosmetic changes, and naming changes, version number changes.

What's in RC5 you ask, well I drug in a ton of good caf code. This means changes to all kinds of things, power management, i/o, adjustments across the board here. This also means this kernel should support the more recent evervolv stuff that Mason stopped working on a while ago when they merged up newer kgsl code. Additionally updated some of the governor code that was getting dated, and unified some things to do it our way. RC5 might be the last RC for this point release. You'll note that the numbering pattern went from v0.15 to 0.1.5. I think I understand now why Linus went to that scheme. It's really the only way to track changes.

Thanks to smelkus and mazdarider23 from Team D.I.R.T for taking that kgsl test build for a early spin for me, you can thank them for doing the leg work to make RC5's drop today as opposed to sometime later this week.

If you want to help the project along and want to test, I higly recommend you drop into #masonic on IRC freenode and idle there, so that I can reach you easy. I'm on too many forums and in too many places, to coordinate that kind of thing via PM. My gtalk has too many people to keep strait, much easier to just ask for a tester on IRC and respond to whoever sticks their hand up.

Mason EI 0.1.5 RC5 sbc


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  1. I tried using this (along with RC4 of v0.1.5) with the latest release and the phone kept rebooting after being up for a couple minutes or so. Any idea what I could do to stop that from happening? The ROM runs much smoother with the Mason I kernel. I tried v0.14 of Mason I, and for some reason Instagram doesn't process pictures correctly, if at all. Thanks in advance for your response!