Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's been quiet.

Yep I know haven't heard much from me lately. My work ( the stuff I do for a living ) changed buildings last Friday about a mile from where we were previously. Sooo it's pruddy much chaos, I'm typing to you now from a workstation covered in boxs and what not. Our network stuff is dodgy at best, lot's of things not working, so I have been tied up in that, along with our dodgy avaya phone system that is giving me greif.

I actually had to write a batch script yesterday to make internet on the new system work for our laptop users because the visual basic stuff the corporate IT department has ( which is a questionable hack at best ) doesn't work correctly. If you aren't familiar let me tell you, findstr is no substitute for sed and hacking windows registry binary entries with a batch file? Yeah... Fun stuff.

There still enough blocked at the upper corporate level that are tools that our HR department use a on daily basis, that I actually make another proxy here that utilizes tor , polipo, and squid, so people can actually get work done.

Ill get back to hacking phones, but frankly this move thing has occupied almost all my real free time.

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