Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Road to Mason S 15

I never really intended to start from scratch on this one. However after playing around with the few established kernels out there, I found them wanting. Miscellaneous implementations of the HAVS code, different ideas about performance patching to various sub systems. All together unsavory, so I went back to the HTC source and started patching up from there.

What to expect from this upcoming is a brand spanking new kernel derived from the HTC source. So with this it means, you might not find the what looks to be commonly pass around weird patches that I can't seem to actually find the source of. If I can't see where it came from, or determine why it's in there. I'm not going to put it in. This also means Mason S might be rougher than the other lines of mason due to it's infancy. I will probably be releasing a test build of this kernel later today.

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