Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mason expansion and plans for the future.

So I've been getting a bit of questions regarding my recent interest in expanding Masons scope to other devices. The reasons are simple, the supersonic (evo4g) is like it or not a eol (end of life) phone. Current Mason users are going to upgrade sooner rather than later, and are expressing their want to have Mason on the devices they are moving to. I want to support my users as best I can, so why not expand to the devices they are at least likely to upgrade to.

In short I will be supporting the galaxy nexus, the epic touch 4g, the supersonic, and the evo4glte at some point here in the future. I might expand my focus more as time progresses but those are definitely in the planned supported devices. Additionally I'm already working on the Sense port of Mason, agreeably more problematic than I would like, but it's progressing, and will put mason out on the HTC devices that I will support.

By no means will this interfere with the development on the supersonic, which will likely be my baseline for anything I am doing. Not because I'm and obsessive fan boy of the supersonic,but because I know my roots, and the device is very versatile, anyone who claims otherwise is full of it. The supersonic can still hang tough with the big boy dual core 1gig of ram phones, and the performance benchmarks that have come out with Mason running on a evo4g support this claim. So there it is, no need to sweat. Mason 15 proper might be bigger than everyone has originally thought.

I would also like to take a moment to point out that Team D.I.R.T is doing some very interesting stuff on the supersonic, and if you haven't yet given their roms a shot you should. I fully support what they are doing, and I hear they are baking Mason into anything they can. I will be providing them with custom builds of Mason for all of their roms that what such a thing. They call their home, and you should so them some support, go sign up and help them hit the ground running. I foresee them being huge in the android community in the near future.


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