Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AOKP development.

So by now you might have heard, I'm going to be maintaining the supersonic build of the official AOKP. With that comes a ton of work, and I do mean a ton. Things in the works, I'm going to be using what was being used for the decks previews, which should bring in the features everyone is looking for. The rom will also run on a specialized Mason, which should actually bring even more customization options, that the already impressive amounts available in the AOKP rom. I will also be looking at whats been broken for some time on the supersonic for AOKP and taking a stab at cleaning it up.

There is lots of work to be done here, and I do have a real life too, so if the speed on the supersonic releases is not strait in line with the other AOKP releases, I apologize in advance, but I feel like quality should come before quantity in this case. For way to long, the supersonic builds have had semi regular breakage, I'd like to restore some faith to the community here. 

What wont happen: You will not find me pushing a versions that hasn't tested out solid and bootable and functional on my supersonic personally, from full clean wipe. Which means, when there's a release, it's going to be legit. That's all for now, more when I get there.


FYI. You might find checking in here every so often a teaser tester much like I've done with the Mason kernels.

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